Four Common Causes of Automobile Accidents on Thanksgiving Day

Whether a minor fender-bender or a tragic fatality, experts explain that there are more accidents over Thanksgiving and other holiday weekends for some very common reasons. Accurate Auto is going to list those reasons below in the event that you have an auto trip planned for the upcoming holiday. Prevention is the best medicine, and here’s what you need to prevent to stay safe and avoid Thanksgiving auto accidents.

1. Drunk Driving

We aren’t accusing you of driving while intoxicated. You may never touch a drop of the stuff, but there will be plenty of other people on the road who have and got behind the wheel anyway. Even if you do have a few beers or a couple of glasses of wine, your driving is impaired and it’s best to sleep it off before you head home on Thanksgiving Day. You might not feel buzzed, but your reactions are slower.

2. Tired Driving

It might not seem like it but tired driving is just like drunk driving. Tired driving also slows down your reactions, and you may find yourself in an accident because you didn’t respond to danger quickly enough. It’s easy to be tired behind the wheel on Thanksgiving Day. You’ve driven to your destination, eaten a ton of wonderful food, visited for a while, and are now heading back home after a long day.

3. Too Many Cars

If you drive on Thanksgiving Day every year, you know how many cars there are on the road – too many! This ups the chances of you getting into an automobile accident simply by numbers. The more cars on the road the more dangerous. There are a lot of trucks on the road, as well, and people tend to cut off semi-trucks or drive in their blind spots, which increases the risk of auto-versus-semi-truck accidents.

4. Vehicle Breakdown

Finally, Thanksgiving Day traffic isn’t just caused by too many cars and Thanksgiving auto accidents. Vehicle breakdowns also clog the roadways. What’s frustrating about this is that most breakdowns can be avoided with vehicle maintenance. If you’re driving on Thanksgiving Day this year, inspect your vehicle to make sure that the fluids are clean and topped off and that your tires have plenty of tread.

Better yet, set up an appointment with Accurate Auto at one of our three auto service shops in Oregon and we’ll inspect your vehicle for you. No sense making your Thanksgiving Day drive more difficult than it needs to be with car trouble.

Photo by Welcomia from Canva Pro