Five Benefits of Diesel Engines

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Diesel engines have received a bad rap for years and they don’t deserve it. There are many advantages to diesel engines, which is why many European automobile manufacturers still produce them for their customers. Accurate Auto services and repairs diesel engines, and they are happy to give them a shout-out for the following five reasons.

Gas Mileage

This might shock you but many diesel engines rival hybrids when it comes to fuel economy, and they are definitely better than gasoline engines between fill-ups. On average, a diesel engine will increase fuel efficiency by 25 to 30 percent. In some cases, the diesel engine will also deliver better fuel economy than a hybrid. This adds substantial cost-savings to your monthly gasoline budget.

Energy Density

In terms of cost per gallon, diesel fuel is about the same or in some cases less expensive than gasoline. In addition, diesel fuel is what experts call “energy dense.” What this means is it has more usable energy in its ingredients so it burns fuel more efficiently. This is why it lends to better gas mileage, and today’s diesel engine technology also makes it less polluting to the environment.

No Ignition Tune-Ups

Gasoline engines use spark plugs and distributors to ignite fuel and start the engine. This is why your engine will refuse to start or stall if there is something wrong with the plugs or distributors. Diesel engines are not plug-driven, so you never have to worry about replacing spark plugs and distributors in a diesel car because the engine doesn’t have any.

Engine Lifespan

Hands down, you will get more life out of a diesel engine than you will a gasoline one. Engineers and manufacturers of diesel engines build them to handle high compression, which basically means they are more rugged and can stand up to natural abuse better. The longest-lasting diesel engine on record ran for 900,000 miles. Wow. Just Wow!

Quick Response

Finally, one reason why semi-trucks are diesel is that a diesel engine offers more torque. This allows the engine to respond better from a dead stop. Because of their weight, semi-trucks need as much help as they can get when they’re stopped. The torque delivered by a diesel engine helps the engine respond quickly to an acceleration command and gain speed easier.

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