Five Causes of Transmission Fluid Leaks

A leaking transmission can cause serious damage. It’s best to find and fix the source of a transmission fluid leak as soon as possible. If your vehicle is leaking transmission oil, you’ll notice pink or red fluid on your garage floor toward the center of your car, truck, or SUV. Bring your automobile into Accurate Auto right away for an assessment and repair. Here are five common causes of transmission leaks.

Transmission Pan

Road debris can damage your transmission pan. Should a rock or other debris puncture the pan, transmission fluid will leak out of it. The transmission pan also has a drain plug to drain the old transmission fluid out of the pan when it’s time to replace it. Fluid can leak out of an old plug, too.

Broken Seals

Your vehicle’s transmission has a series of seals that maintain the hydraulic pressure the transmission needs to function. These seals wear down over time and fluid will leak from the driveshaft, input shaft, output shaft, or from other transmission parts depending on where the worn seal is located.

Pan Gasket

The transmission pan gasket can also wear down over time and begin to allow transmission fluid to pass through it. You may also have a transmission fluid leak in your pan gasket because it wasn’t installed properly. This is a relatively inexpensive fix, so don’t put off replacing the pan gasket for too long.

Torque Converter

Your transmission fluid is pushed through the transmission system components by what is called a torque converter. This is basically a torque pump and it can crack over time and leak fluid. The needle bearings can also get damaged and this will cause transmission fluid to leak from the torque converter.

Fluid Line

Finally, fluid moves through the transmission using a series of lines. These lines, or hoses if you prefer to call them that, are made from aluminum or steel. Although durable, this material wears down over time or is damaged by road debris. Heat also causes premature line wear. Fluid will leak through the cracks.

If you suspect your transmission is leaking, call Accurate Auto. We have three locations in Oregon – Beaverton, Lake Oswego, and Hillsboro. Set up an appointment and bring your vehicle in at the designated time. We’ll inspect your transmission to find any leaks or other wear and tear that should concern you. We maintain, repair, and replace transmission systems.

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