Five Common Cooling System Issues

Now that summer is upon us, let’s talk about your car, truck, CUV, or SUV’s cooling system. You always want the temperature gauge on your dashboard to read the same. If it starts to rise, you’ve got trouble brewing underneath the hood. Accurate Auto services and repairs cooling systems because these systems are crucial to your vehicle’s health. Here are five common cooling system problems we repair.

Cooling System Leaks

Your vehicle’s cooling system can leak from hoses, seals, and the head gasket. You do not want the latter to be the cause of the leak because a cracked head gasket is an expansive and expensive engine repair. You might notice the leak because your vehicle is dripping coolant onto your garage floor. The coolant could be blue, green, bluish-green, red, or yellow.

Rusted Radiator

Another cause of coolant leaks is a rusted radiator. In this case, the coolant on your garage floor might be orange, because the rust has changed the fluid’s color. Coolant can corrode a radiator over time, so if your radiator is quite old, it could be rusting inside. Eventually, the rust eats away at the bottom of the radiator and the rust-filled coolant will leak out through the hole.

Faulty Thermostat

The cooling system thermostat is responsible for checking the engine’s temperature and releasing coolant into the engine once it starts to get too hot. The coolant circulates through the engine and draws heat away from engine parts. If the thermostat is faulty, it might not release coolant. Consequently, your engine will overheat without the coolant.

Faulty Fan

Getting back to how your cooling system works, the hot coolant that has drawn heat away from the engine circulates back into the radiator where it is cooled by the radiator fan. Once the coolant is cool, it’s circulated back through the engine. This constant cycle prevents your engine from overheating, but if the fan isn’t working, it cannot reduce the coolant’s temperature.

Low Coolant

Whether your coolant is low because it is leaking or it is low because it has evaporated, you need proper coolant levels to keep the engine temperature below the maximum level which is about 250 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do not have enough coolant in the cooling system, you will notice your engine runs hotter than normal and could even overheat.

Bring your vehicle into Accurate Auto for a cooling system check. We have three shops conveniently located in the Beaverton, Lake Oswego, and Hillsboro, OR, areas. 

Photo by zenstock from Getty Images via Canva Pro