Benefits of an Extended Warranty

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Do you really need an extended warranty on your vehicle? You’ve heard the arguments for and against them and we’re going to explain the benefits here. Accurate Auto offers extended warranties on our repairs because we believe in our work and we back it up. You may also want an extended warranty that covers the cost of automotive service and repairs to save you money in the end. Here are some benefits for you to consider whether an extended warranty is right for you.


Depending on where you opt to purchase your extended warranty, you may be able to customize it toward your specific wants and needs. For example, you can extend your automobile manufacturer’s warranty beyond its expiration date and you can opt to include all services and repairs or just the big stuff, such as your vehicle’s powertrain. Or, you may opt for a warranty to cover everything – a bumper-to-bumper warranty – along with 24/7 roadside assistance. What’s nice is it’s entirely up to you.

Expensive Repairs

Your vehicle can have any number of things go wrong with it and some of those things could cost you an arm and a leg. What if your timing belt breaks and wipes out your pistons? What if you blow a head gasket? What if your vehicle’s onboard computer dies? Today’s vehicle is a moving computer filled with modern automotive technology that is not only amazing but also expensive. A bumper-to-bumper extended warranty can save you money in the end if it covers repairs bills in the thousands of dollars.

No Hassle

An extended warranty makes your life easier beyond paying for expensive auto repairs. When you have an extended warranty on your vehicle, the company itself will take care of your automotive repairs. All you need to do is bring your vehicle into Accurate Auto and let your warranty company take care of the rest. We will, of course, keep you abreast of all automotive service and repairs needed and await your approval before work begins, but your warranty company will handle the paperwork and payment. 

Finally, when you combine an independent extended warranty with Accurate Auto’s extended warranty, your vehicle is protected fully. Depending on the warranty you have, you may not have to pay for any automotive repair; we back up on our work should the repairs go wrong. Visit Accurate Auto in Beaverton, Oswego, or Hillsboro, OR. Call the shop closest to you at 503-773-5334, 503-506-6513, or 503-850-2878, respectively.

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