Hey, I’m an author!

Why did I decide to write this book?

I decided to write a book primarily because through my years in the auto repair business I began to understand that the industry of vehicle maintenance and repair is really about being able to provide people with transportation. That includes the cost of transportation; it’s not just about repairs, it’s everything. It’s about car ownership in general.

I believe that there is a bigger message than just, “Hey we’re going to bolt an alternator on there,” it’s that I really want to educate people about why it’s good to invest in the vehicle they already own. I started off with a business to fix cars, and the more I spoke with clients the more I understood their need.

But the biggest reason of why I chose to write a book is because people have such a bad understanding of the value of transportation and their vehicle; and that’s what keeps people from making good decisions regarding their cars.