Is My Car’s Power Steering Pump Bad?

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If you have over 100,000 miles on the odometer and it is difficult to steer your automobile, it’s possible that the steering pump has gone bad. Thankfully, we can check this for you and replace the pump if necessary. Just bring your vehicle to our shop for a steering pump inspection.

Strange Steering Noises

One thing that will happen if the pump is malfunctioning is you will hear noises when you turn the steering wheel. These noises will get louder the more you turn the wheel. The noises that you will hear will be either groaning, moaning, or squealing. The sounds indicate that the steering pump is struggling to do its job of circulating the power steering fluid through the system.

Difficulty Turning the Wheel

Consequently, this struggle will also make it difficult to turn the steering wheel. You will feel as if you have to crank the wheel harder than you normally do in order to get your vehicle to respond. As we mentioned above, we can inspect the steering pump and replace it if necessary, so do not worry. If your power steering feels like manual steering, head to our shop.

Unresponsive Steering

Unfortunately, it could get dangerous to drive your automobile if the steering pump has died. Your steering may become unresponsive, which means that your vehicle may not turn when you want it to. If this is the case with your automobile, play it safe and have the vehicle towed to our shop.

Leaking Steering Fluid

An old pump may spring a leak. When this happens, you will see red fluid spots or puddles on the garage floor. These spots will be underneath the engine. In order to determine whether the fluid is power steering fluid or another fluid, check the fluid level in the power steering reservoir. If it is low, the pump is most likely leaking steering fluid out of the system.

Silver Flakes in the Fluid

You may also notice silver flakes in the steering fluid. If this is the case, you definitely need to bring your vehicle to our shop. The silver flakes are pieces of the power steering pump. It is dissolving, and there is nothing that can be done about it. You need a new steering pump.

Call us today if you’re having any of the problems mentioned in this blog post. These are signs that it’s time to install a new pump in the power steering system.

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