Is There An Easy Way To Know Your Water Pump Is Failing?

The beating heart of your car’s cooling system is the water pump. This is the small part that circulates coolant throughout your car’s engine to cool it down. That hot coolant that comes out of the engine also works in the winter to provide heat to you in the passenger cabin through the heater core. Accurate Auto in Beaverton, Lake Oswego or Hillsboro can replace your water pump if it fails. Here are signs that it is.

You’re Spotting Coolant Leaks Under Your Car

Any time you’ve got a puddle of coolant under your car, that’s a problem. It means there’s a leak somewhere in the cooling system, either in the radiator or in a number of other hoses or components of the system. A frequent culprit is the water pump itself, because there are hoses coming into and out of it that can leak. The water pump itself can also develop holes.

You’re Hearing Whining Sounds from the Engine Compartment

The water pump in your car is a mechanical pump. It has moving parts, including bearings, and any of these moving parts can wear down over time and go bad. When the pump itself isn’t functioning properly or is going bad, you might start to hear some strange sounds. Most commonly those sounds are whining, but you might also hear squeaks or other noises.

You’ve Got Visible Steam Coming from the Radiator

There is never a time when you want to see steam coming out of your radiator. If you’re not noticing a problem with the actual radiator itself, such as leaks in the radiator fins, then steam means that there is another issue. When the problem is your pump, coolant isn’t circulating, and it heats up in places where it’s supposed to cool down again, such as your radiator.

Your Car Is Overheating

The purpose of the water pump is to move coolant through the cooling system to reduce the engine’s temperature and then return it to the radiator to cool down and start the process again. When the water pump isn’t working, the entire process breaks down and your car overheats. Overheating is usually the first sign you have that there is something wrong with the water pump.

Contact us at Accurate Auto if you’re concerned about your car’s water pump or any other part of the cooling system. We can take a look and let you know what you’re up against so you can make an educated decision about repairs.