Is Your Car Suspension Going Bad? 6 Indicators it Is!

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Most people don’t think about their vehicle’s suspension until there’s a problem. The problem with that is suspension repairs can be costly, so Accurate Auto recommends you have your suspension inspected regularly. There are signs that tell you your suspension needs work. Here are six of them.

1. Rough Ride

When your vehicle’s shocks or struts get old, your ride gets rougher. Unless the roads that you normally drive on have been torn up suddenly, you should not feel every bump. If you do, it’s time to have the shocks or struts inspected and possibly replaced.

2. Pulling

You know how your vehicle handles when you turn and if you notice that it’s starting to pull or drift, have your shocks looked at. Worn shocks cannot stabilize a vehicle when it turns, which increases your risk of rolling over. Don’t take chances. Replace the shocks.

3. Lunging

Your vehicle should not dip downward or lunge forward when you stop. If it does, this is another indication your shocks need TLC. Mechanics call this nose-diving, and it’s important you know that a bad suspension can actually disable your vehicle to stop effectively.

4. Uneven Wear

Your suspension is tasked with holding your car, truck or SUV even and it cannot do so if it’s going bad. One sure sign you have a suspension problem is uneven tread wear on your tires. Basically, if the vehicle is not balanced, there is uneven pressure on the tires.

5. Oily Shocks

If you’ve noticed some of the signs above, pull your vehicle out into broad daylight and look underneath the tires at your shocks and struts. You should not see grease or oil. If you do, they have fluid leaks, which can compromise their performance.

6. Bounce Control

With your engine off and the car in park, push down on the hood with all your might to bounce your vehicle a few times. Do the same on the trunk. Your vehicle should not continue to rock once you release it. If it does, you have a suspension problem.

Accurate Auto maintains and repairs car, truck and SUV suspensions. If you live in Beaverton, OR, you can call us at 503-773-5334 to set up a suspension inspection. Residents of Lake Oswego, OR, should call 503-506-6513. Those living in Hillsboro, OR, please call 503-850-2878. We’d be happy to inspect your suspension to diagnose the wear and tear and recommend an affordable repair plan, so call us today.

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