Oil Change

Oil Change

Oil is so vital to your car because of all the various functions it performs. It acts as a lubricant to keep the metal surfaces in the engine from grinding together and becoming damaged by the resulting friction, and it transfers heat away from the combustion cycle. It also keeps the byproducts of combustion, such as acids, in suspension and it minimizes exposure to oxygen – and the resulting oxidation. Get your oil change from the automotive experts at Accurate Auto Repair.

What can go wrong with your car’s oil?

Depend on Accurate Auto to help you with all aspects of your oil change, from navigating the maze of choices (natural, synthetic, blended) to know when your oil needs to be topped off and when it needs a complete change. Ignore regular maintenance at your peril: Not replacing oil regularly can lead to significant engine damage. Here are some other telltale signs that you might need to have your car looked at:

  • The engine is making more noise, indicating it is not lubricating the parts as well.
  • Oil becomes darker. If you check your oil with a dipstick, notice the level and the color. Clean oil is lighter and honey-colored.
  • Buildup in dirty oil that’s not changed regularly can lead to carbon deposits, sometimes known as “sludge,” and can damage multiple car parts.
  • Oil levels that are dropping faster than normal indicates that there is another problem, such as a leak.

How do you maintain your car’s oil?

Accurate Auto will make sure your car is kept in excellent running condition with regular oil changes. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you don’t ever miss this vital maintenance:

  • Keep a schedule of the mileage and date of your last oil change to ensure you get it completed regularly.
  • Note your driving conditions. If you regularly drive in extreme climates, carry excess weight or drive on dirt roads, your oil may need to be changed more than normal.
  • Keep your eye on the oil gauge to make sure the level isn’t dropping between changes.
  • Prioritize regular service for oil and filter changes, which entails replacing the filter and draining the old motor oil and replacing it with fresh oil.

CAUTION: If the check engine light comes on, pull over and call Accurate Auto immediately. Running your car without oil will cause your engine to seize up almost immediately. Your engine will be severely damaged, if not ruined.

Oil Change Near Me

One reason that car owners visit Accurate Auto is for an oil change in one of our three convenient locations in Lake Oswego, Beaverton, and Hillsboro OR. Even car owners who are unsure about how much car maintenance is needed know that there’s one rule that most car owners abide by, and that’s regular oil changes.