Squealing Brakes Could Be Overheating Brakes

It’s okay if your brakes squeal every once in a while, right? Actually, squealing brakes are rather unusual. Yes, there are instances when the brakes will squeal, and we’ll talk more about that below, but generally, you shouldn’t hear your brakes. Accurate Auto warns that if your brakes are squealing every time you use them, they could be overheating. This is a dangerous situation, so let’s talk about the things that make your brakes squeal, and the things that can cause them to overheat.

Things That Make Your Brakes Squeal

Let’s start with the things that make your brakes squeal. You know that when it’s raining outside and the brakes get wet, they will squeal when you use them until they get hot enough to dissipate the moisture. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Problems with the brakes can also make them squeal, including low brake pads, no pad insulation, warped rotors, and overheating.

Things That Cause the Brakes to Overheat

Riding your brakes is the number one cause of overheating brakes. Riding your brakes means that you keep your foot on the brake pedal all the time. Whether you realize it or not, even light pressure on the brake pedal engages the brake system. If the brake system is constantly engaged, it will get too hot. It’s important to release the brakes fully between each use rather than riding them.

The Dangers of Overheating Brakes

The reason why overheating brakes is so dangerous is that the brakes will fail. Squealing is just one sign that your brakes have overheated, and the brakes are squealing because the pads and rotors have glazed, i.e., smoothed out. Another sign of overheating brakes is a burning smell, whether of chemicals or burnt carpet. Again, if the brakes are this hot, you will not be able to stop your automobile.

Steps to Protect You and Your Automobile

The best thing to do when your brakes are overheating is to find a safe place to pull over and park your automobile. Allow the brakes to cool down completely; this may take some time so be patient. Once the brakes have cooled, start your vehicle and keep driving toward your destination. If the brakes overheat again, pull over and call for a tow truck to the nearest auto service shop.

If the brakes work fine, think about how you were driving and how that may have overheated the brakes. Even if they did work fine, stop by Accurate Auto for a brake inspection. We have the best auto service shop in Beaverton, OR. We also have the best locations in Hillsboro and Lake Oswego.

Photo by Toa55 from Getty Images via Canva Pro