Suspension Systems

Suspension Systems

What can go wrong with suspension systems?

Visit Accurate Auto to get a full diagnosis of your suspension system, but here are some telltale signs of potential trouble:

  • The car “drifts,” as in, it will routinely pull to one side.
  • Your ride feels bumpier than usual.
  • Your car lurches when you come to a stop.
  • The shocks look greasy, which can indicate a leak.
  • Your tires have uneven tread.
  • You hear rattling.

How are suspension systems fixed?

Accurate Auto will determine what your car needs for optimum performance by the suspension systems.
Typically, the springs and shock absorbers or struts will need to be replaced after a certain mileage marker. A properly working suspension system ensures a more comfortable ride, improved braking distance, better handling, and superior safety.

How can you keep your suspension systems in good working order?

Accurate Auto can help with a thorough check but here is one way you can check your suspension yourself. Try the “bounce test”: push your vehicle down and see how many times it bounces before it stops. More than two bounces means that the struts or shocks need to be replaced.

  • Some other tips to keep in mind.
  • Keep tires aligned for less wear and tear.
  • Make sure shocks and struts aren’t leaking, since that can contribute to damage to other suspension components.
  • Have regular service to check all components including bushings and joints. It’s important to make sure your suspension is working properly to help avoid expensive repairs and tire problems.

Suspension System Service Near Me

Accurate Auto values your comfort as much as your safety, and that’s why we are the expert to turn to for suspension systems.

The purpose of the suspension systems is to give you a smooth ride. There are two main components to a suspension system, springs and shock absorbers (or struts) that work in tandem to prevent you from feeling every bump and crevice on the road.

They are all connected through a network of bushings, bearings, and joints.