These Six Things Are Signs of Exhaust System Problems

If you’ve noticed a difference in how your automobile performs, you might have exhaust system problems. Accurate Auto services and repairs vehicle exhaust systems, and we’d be happy to inspect your car, truck, van, or utility vehicle’s exhaust system if you notice any of the following six things. Please note, these signs indicate trouble and should not be ignored.

Your Car Is NOISY!

Mufflers are installed on automobiles for a reason: to reduce engine noise. Your vehicle should never be too loud. If it is, you probably have a hole in the muffler. You may also hear loud hissing or tapping sounds when you start your car. This could mean the exhaust manifold gasket is failing.

You Have Power Loss

The exhaust system helps generate power and if it is leaking, you will notice power loss when you accelerate. Your vehicle will lag every time you step on the gas, and this is also when you might hear the louder engine noise. Ignoring the exhaust leak will only make the power problem worse.

Increased Gas Station Visits

Anytime your engine fights for power it uses more gas. If your exhaust system is leaking and your engine is struggling to speed up and maintain speed, it’s going to burn through a full tank quickly. Poor gas mileage is a sign of exhaust system trouble, but it could also be a sign of fuel system problems.

What’s That Burning Smell?

The exhaust manifold gasket can cause a lot of problems if it fails. As hot exhaust leaks out of the cracked gasket, it heats up engine wiring and parts around it. Plastic parts and wiring can burn and release a rancid odor. The hot exhaust can also cause your engine to overheat.

Tailpipe or Muffler Damage

If you just flew over a speed bump without any regard for speed and you hear a loud clunk, you could have broken a suspension spring, damaged a shock or strut, or pulled your muffler or tailpipe off the car. Look underneath your vehicle regularly to check the muffler and tailpipe for damage.

What’s That Gas Smell?

Finally, if you smell gasoline vapors inside your vehicle, we recommend you stop driving. Gas smells inside the car is not only a sign of exhaust system trouble but could also be dangerous to you and your passengers’ health. Don’t take chances with carbon monoxide and other harmful fumes.

Accurate Auto can inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system and maintain or repair it. We have three Oregon auto service shops. Our Beaverton shop number is 503-773-5334. Call the Oswego shop at 503-506-6513. If you live in Hillsboro, dial 503-850-2878.

Photo by Supersmario from Getty Images via Canva Pro