Transmission 101

The transmission is a mechanism which transmits power from the engine to the wheels. It is essential for your car to even move. Accurate Auto in Portland can make sure your transmission is kept in excellent working order.

There are two types of transmissions:

  • A manual transmission involves using a clutch to shift the gears.
  • An automatic transmission does the work for you, the most common type today.

There are four basic parts to an automatic transmission:

  • The bell housing. This provides the case for the transmission and is located on the side of the engine under the hood in front-wheel-drive cars or directly behind the engine in rear-wheel-drive vehicles.
  • The gears. Most cars these days have an automatic transmission which means that the gears change for you. The gears are divided into subsections of main gears and planetary gears, and they all have to work properly for the car to go.
  • Transmission fluid. The transmission fluid needs to be kept at a proper level to avoid transmission issues.
  • The filter. This keeps the transmission fluid clean, which helps keep the gears and working parts in good working order.

What can go wrong with a transmission?

Make Accurate Auto your first stop to diagnose transmission issues. Here are some warning signs to watch for.

  • Gears: Damaged or worn gears need to be repaired or replaced. Watch for “slipping gears” when they don’t stay in the correct gear.
  • Clutch: Your clutch can suffer from overuse.
  • Transmission fluid: Leaks that allow transmission fluids to go below adequate levels are a common problem. Changing your filter will ensure that the fluid stays clean and prevents undue wear and tear on the gears.

How are transmissions fixed?

Rely on Accurate Auto as your top choice for transmission reply in Portland. Our knowledgeable experts will diagnose any issues and get you back on the road as soon and safely as possible.

Unfortunately, as the most complicated part of a vehicle, transmissions are typically not a quick or easy fix, and a problem with even one component can cause serious damage. Regular checkups and maintenance are important to ensure that your transmission stays in good working order.

How can you keep your transmission in good working order?

Accurate Auto recommends the following steps for transmission maintenance. We can help Portland car owners keep their transmission in good working order today:

  • Keep your fluids topped off.
  • Change your filter periodically.
  • The nose knows. Burning transmission fluid can indicate a serious issue.
  • Never hesitate to come in to a repair shop like Accurate Auto at the first sign or smell of potential problem. Like a crack in your windshield, a transmission problem is only going to escalate and become more complicated and expensive to fix.

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