Where Is the Oil Leaking Out of My Engine?

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Brown spots on your garage floor are never a sign of anything good. Depending on where the spots are located, you might have an oil leak or a brake fluid leak. If the spots are near the insides of the wheels, your brake fluid is leaking out. If they are underneath your engine, you’ve probably got oil leaking, and this can seriously damage your car, truck, or C/SUV. Accurate Auto can find the oil leak and fix it. Here are the common places from where motor oil leaks.

Oil Drain Plug

If you’ve ever changed your oil, you know you have to unscrew the oil drain plug to get rid of the old motor oil. This plug is found at the oil pan’s base, and it makes draining the old motor oil quick and easy. If the plug is worn down and can no longer seal the oil pan, the oil will naturally leak out of it. It can also leak out if it wasn’t screwed on tightly the last time you had the oil changed or changed it yourself.

Engine Gasket

This is the number one area where oil leaks can develop and, we won’t lie, it’s devastating. There is a long seal between your cylinder heads, oil pan, and the engine block, and if this seal breaks, oil can leak into the cylinders and damage your engine. This seal is called the engine gasket, and replacing the gasket is a huge undertaking. If your car is leaking oil from the gasket, the repairs will be extensive.

Oil Filling Cap

Again, if you’ve ever changed your oil or had to add oil to your engine, you unscrewed the oil filler cap to do it. This cap is easily located in your engine and it must be sealed at all times while your vehicle is running. If it isn’t, oil can splash out from underneath the cap. Replacing the cap can solve the problem, but you might smell burning oil until you do so, as it will splash onto the hot engine.

Oil Filter Housing

The oil filter must be screwed into the housing tightly to ensure the oil does not leak out of the filter as it flows through it. The wrong size oil filter can also cause leaks out of the housing. It’s important to change your oil filter every 3,000 miles during an oil change, as this keeps the filter clean and allows technicians to ensure it fits tightly into the housing to avoid oil leaks.

Oil Pan

Finally, the oil pan has a rough life. It’s located on the bottom of your car, truck, CUV, or SUV and it gets pelted with road debris every time you drive your car. If something hits it just right or with enough velocity, it could put a hole in the oil pan and your oil will drain out of it very quickly. This is devastating. The pan can also get dented by rocks and debris and the misshapen pan can break the seal.

Accurate Auto has three auto repair shops in Oregon for your convenience. Depending on where you live, you might be closer to our Beaverton, Hillsboro, or Lake Oswego auto service shop. Call the closest one to schedule an appointment so we can find and fix your oil leak.

Photo by BBuilder from Getty Images via Canva Pro