Why Is My Car Idling So Roughly?

Your car, truck, utility vehicle, or van should idle smoothly. If the Idling has suddenly gotten rough, there could be a number of things going on underneath the hood that is causing the problem. One of the most common things is that you have clogged fuel injectors. The reason why the engine is idling so roughly is that there is not enough gas in the combustion chamber and the engine is struggling to prevent itself from stalling. This is just one sign of clogged fuel injectors. Accurate auto lists the other signs below.

Dead Engine

If the fuel injectors are completely clogged, this means that there is no diesel fuel or gasoline making its way into the combustion chamber, specifically the cylinders. Without fuel to mix with the air, your engine cannot create combustion and it won’t be able to start. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get your vehicle started if there isn’t any fuel in the combustion chamber.

Erratic RPM Needle

Another sign of clogged fuel injectors is an erratic RPM needle. If you take a look at your tachometer and the needle is dancing around, i.e., bouncing up and down, it’s possible that your engine is only getting spurts of gasoline out of the clogged fuel injectors. This will cause the engine to rev higher and lower depending on how much gas is making its way into the cylinders.

Low Gas Mileage

Another sign of clogged fuel injectors is a noticeable difference in how much gas mileage your vehicle gets. It might seem strange that this would affect your gas mileage, but your engine is actually working harder to run if the fuel injectors are clogged. Consequently, this means the engine burns through whatever fuel it does have much faster and this directly affects your gas mileage.


Finally, your engine may misfire if the fuel injectors are clogged. You will feel your engine sputter and stutter as you drive along. It may also hesitate when you press down on the accelerator to pick up speed. This is definitely a sign that your engine is not getting the gasoline it needs, and clogged fuel injectors could be the culprit. You may also have a clog somewhere else in your fuel system.

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Photo by aopsan from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro